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Cocktail Party (From hell!)

Come on in, there's enough rum foreverybody!

Just another zombie lookin for a bite
26 October
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AmanuShika means Inhuman in Hindi. Gotta love the Hindi

This is my catharsis that is in the same platform as the rest of the human diaspora. Uh...yeah
cthulu is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

One Hour Axis

Why all the rules in Hell? Well we try and make it as realistic as possible

Lets see now...besides the usual art, technology, history stuff...I really into researching diseases (raise the roof for smallpox bitches! Recognize!), writing scifi, fantasy and romance/total smut. I'm working on my game design degree slowly...if that doesn't pan out then I'll go to law shcool and train in Quality of Life law...hehe...and sue the people who wouldn't hire me for the good of their clients. Or something...

I live for Adult Swim...gotta love my FMA and Inu Yasha! As a member of Ais own team: the Vertex Ninjas, I live to 3d mod, work on mods and in general...cause total chaos. Thaaaats me!

Daxter is crazy Ottsel love

Jak is silly renegade love
and you know he is dammit!